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Teo Chew Association

Holds the responsibility of overseeing the management, preservation, and direction of the Teo Chew Temple. Comprising individuals with diverse expertise and a shared commitment to the temple's conservation, the Association plays a vital role in making key decisions regarding its upkeep, restoration, and long-term sustainability. As stewards of this cultural and historical treasure, they ensure that the temple remains a cherished heritage site for generations to come.


20th Inauguration

Next Gen

Next Gen Gaginang

A generation of Teo Chew individuals determined to:

  • To preserve Teo Chew culture and learn about our history

  • To promote Teo Chew practices and language and reduce the generational gap

  • To network with other Teo Chew community members

  • To support and give back to our Houston community

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Lion Dane

Teo Chew Association: Unicorn Dragon and Lion Dance Team
潮州會館 麒麟龍獅團

Teo Chew Association: Unicorn Dragon and Lion Dance Team is based in the heart of Houston's Chinatown. The team is comprised of various performers whose desire is to perform, promote, and protect the art of lion dancing and martial arts. Their members are trained in various styles of Chinese martial arts along with studying lion dance history and its cultural significance. Dragon and Lion dancing is a tradition that symbolizes power and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to all!

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